Memphis, Tenn.
Dec 3, 1944.
Chaplain Eastwood,
464 Bomber Group.

Dear Chaplain Eastwood,
    I received your very kind letter written Oct. 31, it arrived here the 1st day of Dec, 44. I have been so distressed over Sidney's being missing, and your kind words gave me comfort I shall never forget. Everyone had been so kind to us during our period of waiting and hoping.

    Last night, Dec 2, we received a telegram from the War Dept. saying Sidney is a prisoner of Germany, you can imagine how we rejoiced to know that our darling was alive. We immediately went down on our knees to give God our praise for sparing his life. He has always been such a good boy, never gave me any trouble growing up, and that is something to be proud of. I will always remember Dec 2nd as the happiest day of my life, hearing that he was alive. I only have two children. My other son is in France or England. He has been injured we don't know how badly. It is his feet. I had a letter from him yesterday and he says he is getting along fine, getting the best of care. Chaplain, my boys are my dearest possessions. I ask and I beg for you to pray for them continuously and for their dear wives and babies, and for me to keep courage and to be brave while they are away.

    You spoke of Lt. Fowler, he is certainly a fine young man. He has written three letters so encouraging and comforting, I know his parents are proud to call him son.

    I pray that each boy in the crew came down safely. If you should hear anything further about them, I wish you would write me all about it, and thank you for the names of the boys. I shall write their parents.

    Chaplain Eastwood, words can't express our appreciation of your kindness. Maybe sometime we might be able to repay you in some way. May God bless you and keep you, that you may win our boys over there for God's glory, that they will not go into battle without first giving their hearts to him. We would like to be called your friends.

Katie Myers, Mother
Evelyn Elder, Wife

Sidney's children

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