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Ray's Crew On Oct 16 1944 , of "Red O" a B-24 of the 776th Sqadron, 464 BG.
Photos of the Crew
Crew Final Resting Place and Awards
Letters between families and chaplain Eastwood
Ray's Original Crew (majority of Ray's missions were with this crew)
Notes on Crew and Plane
About Ray

"Flight" a poem by Ray while stationed in Italy
Ray soon after becoming 1st lieutenant
Raymond in uniform with navigator wings.
The Distinguished Flying Cross
Other Medals
Award Letters form the USAF pdf
The Navigator's Job
Enlistment Record
Information on the planes and the 464th BG

Flak is what brought down Red O
MACRs for the 464th (scanned from microfilm)
Number of Missing Crews in the 464th
B-24s of the 464th taking off
Bob Hoskinson's Crew (Bob, bottom right, of the 464th BG, 778th Sq. helped me get some facts straight)
The 464th Home Page (by Wendy Butler, illustrations and all -- read how the 464th site came to be).
Note from Betty Karle, one author of the 464th book and Historian for the 464th.
White V-"Wheel 'N Deal", of the 778th Sq.
Ray's Last Mission

Final Mission Described in the 464th Book
St .Valentin Tank Works, Red O downed
MACR 9132(pdf) -- Report on Ray's downed plane