Watertown, S.D.
December 17-44
Dear Chaplain Eastwood -
    First let me say "Thanks"- thanks for writing to Bobb's 'next of kin', his mother. She received your letter today and we were all glad to hear from you.

    "Bobb" is Robert Keller. No doubt you have written many letters (far too many) to parents about "missing" sons, but perhaps you may remember my Bobb. Yes, I'm his wife and I just wanted to write you a note to tell you we did so appreciate your letter.

    We have had our good news - "Prisoner" - but I have been writing Ray Farquhar's and Bill Lee's parents and we know those best pals of Bobb's didn't make it. Have heard, too, from another crew member's families that many - most - made the supreme sacrifice that is so hard to understand.

    So far as I know Sgt. Elder and Bobb were the only ones 'saved'. And it seems queer - both were "expectant fathers". Does look as though God felt the babies needed Daddy's, doesn't it?

    Tho we have tried to get a cable thru, Bobb probably doesn't know he became a 'Pop' on Nov. 15 (month after he went down) of a big husky baby boy - Bobbie, Jr. "Punky" looks exactly like his dad too.

    I know you're swamped with requests and inquiries but may I add one more? Bobb had over ten 5 lb boxes on the way when he went down - candy and cigarettes, cookies and fruit juices. If these packages can't be forwarded to him thru Red Cross in Switzerland would you take them and "divvy" them up?

    I have written the regular bombardier, Dennis Wales, to take them, but he may very well be thru with his missions before all get there.

    'Course I hope they have been sent to Bobb but next best would be for some other boy to have them. And won't feel hurt if the fellow doesn't eat the home-made cookies either! - I'm not a very experienced cook!!

    If it is possible, thanks for whatever you can do about them.

    Bobb sent me a copy of the "Airman's Prayer" - it's been hanging over Baby's cradle since I got it months ago - and said the chaplain often said it before a mission. Perhaps you are that chaplain and, if so, thanks again - it's a beautiful and Bobb liked it so much.

    So I'll close this note hoping you don't mind too much hearing from these anxious wives.

Cleo Keller

P. S. "Anxious" we may be - but lucky - very lucky - we are.

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