Chaplain's Office
Oct. 31, 1944
Dear Mr. Farquhar:

    Perhaps a letter from your son's chaplain will be of some comfort to you at this time when he is reported missing. Although it has been sometime since their plane went down and we have heard no word from them we are hopeful. You may rest assured that you will be the first notified if any news is learned.

    Raymond was flying his 45 mission the day he failed to return. It makes it seem more tragic than ever when we realize how near he was to completing his fifty. Certainly he has done much toward winning the war. The target of the day was in Austria. Their ship was hit by a burst of flak which blew off a section of one wing and turned the ship completely over. Some say the ship righted itself again, others that it went into a spin. Only two men were seen to bail out. However returning crews were not permitted to watch it for long because it went into the clouds. We will hope and pray that all were able to free themselves from the falling ship before it struck the earth.

    Because you may want to write others who had loved ones on the plane I am sending their names and addresses. You will no doubt notice that is was not their regular crew flying that day. They were without a bombardier and the gunners were present from a crew recently assigned to the group.

    Raymond's personal effects will be held here for a period of time and then will be sent to you if he does not return within a few weeks. If you have questions or if there is anything I can do to help in any way please feel free to call me.

    I encourage you to turn to God in prayer as never before, trusting in His promises to us. Be sure He knows our every worry and longs to bring peace to out troubled hearts.

Raymond's chaplain,
John Eastwood

(To the next of kin of Raymond J. Farquhar Jr., 1st Lt., O-708805)

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