I have flown the lonely highways that abound up in the blue,
I have traversed silent skyways and have looked at vistas new,
And I still delight to travel, far above the maddening throng,
Where the air is clear and quiet and you get no sense of wrong.
Where the fleecy clouds go floating by; so grand, so white, so clean,
Where all nature seems to meditate, and senses are so keen,
That the stillness seems to magnify as if it tried to show,
How life was never meant to be lived as it now is down below.

Now there are better things in store when war and strife are through,
And men can once more start to plan and build a world that's new.
When violence and hatred, and all other alien things,
Will have vanished, and the battle clash will change to church bell's ring.
Oh, I long for peace and quiet, so I fly up in the blue,
And fly I must 'till all the things I long for have come true.
Then back to earth I'll settle and forget the battles din,
For my work will then be finished, when 'ere the peace begins.
No more to roam the silent skies or meet the dreaded foe,
No more to sally forth to kill or maim those down below.
For man was meant for finer things, and though he oft has failed,
The time will come when wars will cease, and justice will prevail.

- Raymond Farquhar -

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