Crew of B24 Liberator, 776th Squadron, 464th Bomb Group
Plane: Red O, AAF Serial No. 42-51389, made by Douglas/Tulsa
Crew on Oct 16, 1944 from MACR 9132 pdf, Also see abmc information.

Pilot William W. Lee 1st Lt. O-818169 KIA
Co Pilot Robert G. Keller 1st Lt. O-822458 EUS
Navigator Raymond J. Farquhar, Jr. 1st Lt. O-708805 KIA
Eng-Gun Sidney L. Elder Sgt 14069218 EUS
ROM-Gun George M. Rauen Sgt 16134805 KIA
Armorer Gun Ralph V. King S/Sgt. 39835262 KIA
Aerial Gun Norman R. Kramer Sgt. 19207020 KIA
Aerial Gun Shelby J. Sturgeon, Jr. Sgt. 17060326 KIA
Aerial Gun Kenneth C. Brown Sgt. 13172568 KIA

These crew members were actually a mix of two "regular" crews. Ray, William, and Robert, three close friends, were on their 45th mission. Most of the remaining crew were on their 4th mission and were flying with the more experienced crew as part of training. The Radar Bombardier, Dennis G. Wales, (KIA 11/15/1944) was not on board. (Photos of Ray, William, Robert, and Dennis)

More on the original crew can be found here. The original crew included Pilot William W. Lee, Co Pilot Robert G. Keller, Navigator Raymond J. Farquhar, Jr., Gunner Sgt John ("Jack") T. Dempsey, ball-turret gunner, Fred “Cookie” Cook, tail-gunner Cornell (Corny) Fanero, flight engineer Sergeant Clarence “Red” Eudaily waist gunners, Jimmy Wright and John Lynch, plus bombardier Lt. Denny Wales.

* KIA-killed in action,   EUS-evacuated to US,   RTD-returned to duty.
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