Bob Hoskinson of the 464th BG, 778th BS provided this information before the Air medal was listed on the web site:

I note that you mention only one Medal for your Uncle, the "Distinguished Flying Cross". It is my gut feeling that he should have several more - The "Purple Heart", the "Air Medal" and at least 3 Oak Leaf Clusters (4 if he was on his 50th mission, though they might not have considered that final mission "completed".) Am sure you are aware of the so-called "two-fers".... credit for two missions according to where the target was and how rough it was, like Vienna, Linz, Munich, Blechhammer, etc. You needed 50 missions for rotation stateside. This practice ceased by the end of November and you then got credit for a sortie regardless of where the mission was and needed 35 sorties (still called missions) for rotation home. My records show that on November 6, '44 to Vienna **C was entered on my official log. On November 16, '44 to Munich **C was entered. On November 22, '44 to Munich *C was entered. The ** was supposed to indicate "credits" and the "C" indicated completed. Another log showing "Aircraft, Total Time, Missions and Claims" shows that I was credited with singles, even on those with the **C. I read frequently on some of the websites where guys are emphatic about "Only 5 missions" got you an airmedal and each additional 5 missions, an Oak Leaf Cluster. That may have been in other Wings, but from what I can find, not so in the 55th Wing. We had to complete 10 missions for the AM and each additional 10 completed for the OLC. Thus, with 32 sorties (53 mission) I have the "AM" and "2 OLC".